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Indena’s business is inspired by nature. We work with plants, so natural biodiversity is an invaluable resource for our research. Respect for the environment is a natural choice for us, as well as a responsibility. We study nature to obtain therapeutic molecules and botanical extracts that can benefit people.
Because of this, our philosophy is to respect and take care of the world around us to make it more valuable for the people who live in it.

Indena has since long collaborated with CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) and ITTO (International Tropical Timber Organisation) in a successful project of sustainable management and corporate social responsibility program of Prunus africana and this is shown in the most recent documentary “Custodians of the Forest”, shot by CITES-ITTO in Cameroon.

Good environmental practices
Indena’s policy of optimising processes and rationalising resources includes safeguarding water supplies, reducing air pollution and waste, and recycling and disposing of waste safely. All industrial waste from the production process is disposed of by authorised companies. Liquid waste is treated in a purification plant. Any water used in the final manufacturing stages is purified by inverse osmosis, distributed through the plan in a closed circuit where it is maintained at a controlled temperature, and constantly circulated to prevent bacterial contamination. In addition, all solvents are recovered after use in rectifying columns and then re-used in the production cycle after thorough analysis. Cooling water used in the production plant is also recycled and re-used.

ISO 14001
Indena’s commitment to the environment has been recently formalised by ISO14001 certification for its main production site in Settala (Milan). This certification guarantees that the company has an adequate management system for controlling its environmental impact and continually improving the environmental performance of its activities in a systematic, effective and sustainable way.

Responsible Care®
Since 2005, Indena has been part of the Responsible Care® program, a voluntary initiative promoted by the chemical industry globally. Under this scheme, companies work together to keep improving their health, safety and environmental performance through their national associations.

Indena’s Committee for the Environment
Indena has set up its own Environmental Management Committee to oversee the Group’s environmental policies, objectives and programs. Members of the Committee are the company’s Chairman, CEO, General Manager, members of the Board, the plant managers in Settala (Italy) and Tours (France) and officers in charge of the Prevention and Protection Service.
The Committee has selected a number of industry organizations that are seriously committed to sustainability, which Indena will join to help in further implementing the guidelines on sustainability.


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