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The hallmark of Indena is its commitment to research. This commitment and the results obtained have defined the history of Indena and indeed the market itself. Over the ninety years of our existence, phytotherapy has been raised to the status of a scientific discipline, and the company has developed significant expertise in the production of active principles, derivatives, extracts and ingredients, all of botanical origin.

The impressive results achieved by Indena’s research in the identification of new active principles and subsequent industrial processing have contributed to an increase in the demand for raw materials of botanical origin from the Pharmaceutical, Health-Food and Personal Care industries.
This success has led Indena researchers towards wider strategic horizons in the development of new patented molecules tested up to clinical phase I/II for licensing out.

Process development is one of the three Indena sectors of excellence. The company designs and engineers original advanced industrial production processes for the efficient production of existing or new molecules, often on behalf of our partner companies.

A second main focus for our researchers is the identification of new active principles derived from plants. These then constitute the active components of a variety of pharmaceutical products, health foods and cosmetics, often developed in partnership with our customers.

The third area of Indena excellence is its innovative formulation of proprietary blends based on unique combinations of botanical derivatives.

Major phytochemical research is carried out at the Indena Settala Research Centre, near Milan, where around 80 researchers are employed. In addition, the company conducts pharmaco-toxicological and clinical phase I/II trials through an established network of Universities and selected International Research Centres.

When Indena researchers identify a new active principle, they design and develop original manufacturing procedures for bulk production. The output is validated in accordance with our most stringent quality controls as well as all international regulatory systems. Thorough phytochemical testing is done and finally pre-clinical and in some cases clinical phase I/II studies are carefully carried out.

Indena is proud of its past successes and long tradition. Our future success lies in our commitment to research and in continued investment in the development of new and ever better products. This is a growth market, offering both the opportunity and the challenge to break new ground. In all corners of the world, there is increasing interest in natural products that contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Indena is at the forefront of the market and intends to go on leading the field for generations to come.




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