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Milan, April 9th, 2015 – Indena brings to In-Cosmetics 2015 QUERCEVITA™, a novel Phytosome® formulation of quercetin with sunflower lipids. It has been clinically tested in vitro and in vivo and validated for its soothing properties on various skin challenges.

Recently, in a single blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial[1]  QUERCEVITA™ was tested on 30 volunteers exposed to multiple skin adverse conditions. QUERCEVITA™ resulted effective in reducing ALL skin reactions showing improvement of skin hydration and giving faster relief.

In the prick test, after 30 minutes the wheal diameter was almost as small as with the positive control, whereas in the placebo and untreated areas the wheal was still much larger as at the onset. The corresponding itch value was as low as with the positive control. In the UV and SLS challenge, the redness of the skin index in the QUERCEVITA™ treated area decreased after four hours from application respectively by over 10% (p<0.0001) and by 17.01% (p<0.0001). Notably, on the SLS challenge, QUERCEVITA™ even improved skin hydration more than the positive control (over 25% increase, p<0.0001). Finally, in the glycolic acid test, the redness value was even lower after four hours than that recorded on the positive control area, with a 18.23% decrease (p<0.0001). Once again, skin hydration was improved more than in the other areas (including the positive control).

Furthermore, the antioxidant power of QUERCEVITA™ was confirmed not only on the ingredient itself and in cosmetic formulations, but also through its capacity to enhance the skin’s own antioxidative defence system (by 17%). Additionally, it has been compared to a positive benchmark such as tocopherol at twice the concentration (1% for tocopherol versus 0.5% for QUERCEVITA™) showing a great improvement of the skin antioxidant power (+ 125%).

Finally, QUERCEVITA™ has been shown to reduce UVA-induced ROS formation in a human keratinocytes cell line at all tested dosages. Specifically, ROS production was still reduced even with the highest energetic challenge and this capacity over-performed ascorbic acid used as a positive benchmark.

These findings will be presented at the seminar “Once upon a time…there was a plant” to take place on April 16th, 2015, 1:30pm – 2:00pm, Theatre No. 1. The meeting will be devoted to QUERCEVITA™ and reveal how to exploit natural defense mechanism for personal care applications.


[1]Indena – data on file.


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QUERCEVITA™ is a patented delivery form of quercetin, a very well known antioxidant molecule. Clinically it has shown to be beneficial in short-term soothing skin challenges of various origin, thus qualifying as a skin “first aid” relief.

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